Car Assistence

At Auto Alentejana (authorised Ford repairer) we focus both in the assistance and repair of your car as we had while building it.


Our highly qualified service teams ensure the maintenance of your car in the best conditions, aesthetics and driving safety, keeping its resale value.


You can also count on a good quality/price relation, replacement of high quality parts and repairs performed by the professionals.



You should perform the servicing of your car indicated by the mileage or in annual intervals (whatever comes first) to keep your vehicle in the best conditions and to avoid expensive repairs.




Programmed maintenance

The periodic maintenance helps to avoid that great problems become even greater and more expensive.

Your Repairer will perform a free inspection to your vehicle, for example, in the interactive reception, by going through the vehicle with you, if you wish so, in order to confirm that the work has been done.


    Air conditioning inspection
If you spend three years without making a regular inspection of your air conditioning (A/C), it can imply the decrease of the cooling fluid up to 1/3 below the required level. This can cause serious damages in the whole A/C system, which will result in not only uncomfortable journeys during the Summer, as well as in expensive repairs.
Perform a professional inspection to the A/C system once a year to keep yourself and your vehicle fresh. 
Our air conditioning inspection includes:

  • Inspection of the functional elements 
  • Prevention of potential flaws of the A/C system 
  • Cooling performance test
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